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CIP System Skid Mounted

CIP System Skid Mounted

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CIP System Skid Mounted

CIP System Skid Mounted

The specific design and method for distributing cleaning chemicals to the pipeline or tanks utilized in manufacturing by manufacturers of pharmaceutical, dairy, and food products are called CIP Skids. Clean In Place, or CIP, relates to the cleaning process. Based on the cleaning tasks and end-user responsibilities, the cleaning agents might be water, water with a dosed detergent, chemicals like caustic/acid, or oils.

LITCO’s deep experience and expertise helps us design and manufacture multiple skid mounted CIP Models as per Customer’s requirement that can efficiently fulfill the cleaning objectives. All CIP equipment are made of high grade Stainless Steel with Argon welded edges.


According to the uses, the CIP skid can be either a single-tank structure or a multi-tank framework. Whether they are done in parallel or order depends on how many tanks and how much piping need to be cleaned. A level of chemical dosing, a heating source like a heat exchanger, and a control panel with valves and pumps for chemical distribution are often included in CIP skids.

Cleaning chemicals are often prepared and delivered as part of CIP cleaning. Normal cleaning, detergent wash, disinfection, rinse, and final rinse are the steps that come after the rinse cycle. As higher temperatures aid cleaning, the CIP skid will feature a heating element for the water and chemicals. In order to dislodge the particles of the residue that need to be removed, the fluid in the pipeline needs to travel with enough velocity to create turbulence.In order to really clean tanks, static or revolving spray balls are usually used.

Most importantly, CIP systems guarantee hygienic standards between production batches and that each new batch or product run is free from contamination and carryover. When used in conjunction with effective cleaning spray heads, a CIP system will lower the cost of maintaining the pipeline and tanks.