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More than TWO decade ago, Asoka Enterprises, Calcutta, INDIA had started its journey, with a unique objective to make available classic pharma equipment at an affordable price and to re-write the ‘most effective after sales service’. To day when the promoter reviews his objective, he is satisfied with the mission accomplished. Currently we are celebrating twenty eight years of success.

Asoka machines were started by Engr. M. Rahman who has got 40 years of experience and widely known in the pharma sector of India, Bangladesh AND OTHER COUNTRIES for his long association with the Pharmaceutical Machine manufacturing Industries. His outstanding grip on the performance of a machine and his deep sense of offering service has made his job easier. The company which was set up during early 1990 blossomed, ENGR SALIM RAHMAN WHO JOINED HIS FATHERS BUSINESS IN 1996 HAVING MORE THAN 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE.

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