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Ghee Clarifier Machine

Ghee Clarifier Machine

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Ghee Clarifier Machine

LITCO’s Ghee Clarifier Machine is a vital equipment in the Ghee Production process as ghee is distilled or clarified with the help of this machine and washed off all impurities. The machine is made of two parts, the upper part of high-grade Stainless Steel and lower part is made of cast-iron grade. A settling tank is provided at the top which slowly feeds the ghee into the clarifier. The clarifier has multiple outlets for the refined ghee as it is ejected out after the process.


The Ghee Clarifier Machine works under the pressure of Centrifugal force. The machine contains multiple perforated discs through which it enters the bowl. The discs are rotated at high speed, as a result the Centrifugal force pushes the heavy impurities to the edges of the bowl. The remaining clarified ghee are collected in the sludge space of the bowl and flows through the clarified outlet into the container.