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Mini Rapid Mixer Granulator

Mini Rapid Mixer Granulator

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Mini Rapid Mixer Granulator

LITCO have established themselves as experts in manufacturing R&D Machinery for the Pharmaceutical Industry. The Mini Rapid Mixer Granulator is a highly efficient and well-designed Mini Granulator which serves its purpose for the R&D sector. Since it is suitable for Wet Granulation, it is also called High Shear Mixer. The Mini Rapid Mixer Granulator is used to create moist material, which is then milled into uniform granules by blades.


Special Features:

  • All contact part made of SS 316 and non-contact parts of SS 304 as per cGMP standard.
  • High Shear Mixing, Homogenizing, Humidifying and Granulating process.
  • Offers reproducible mixing and granulation processes.
  • Total drive transmission system enclosed.
  • Safety switch fitted at Top Lid and the discharge flange to ensure closed.
  • Air pressure switch installed to ensure pressure is in limit.
  • Compact Table Top design.
  • Variable Speed Drive for main impeller motor.
  • Complete automatic advanced PLC Controls with touch Screen (Optional if required).


Type R&D
Gross Capacity 8 KG
     Max Working Capacity 5 KG
Min Working Capacity 2 KG

·All Contact Parts SS316

·All Non-Contact Parts SS304

Main Motor 3 HP, 440V, 50 Hz
Chopper Motor 1 HP, 440V, 50 Hz
Granulation Blade RPM 15 to 150 RPM
Chopper Blade RPM 50 to 2800 RPM
Pneumatic Cylinder For Discharge Gate
Air Purging System For Main Impeller & Chopper Blades
LITCO manufactures R&D Machinery and Granulation Line Machinery as per Customer’s required Capacity apart from these Standard Models.