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Mini Planetary Mixer

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Mini Planetary Mixer

LITCO have established themselves as the market’s top brand when it comes to providing a large variety of Mini Fluid Bed Dryers, which are used for granulation or agglomeration, layering, and coating for various sizes of particles. Additionally, this is employed in the drying of crystalline, coarse, or comparable materials in pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. It is an important machinery of R&D process before the final production.  

Special Features:

  • All contact parts made of SS 316 and non-contact parts of SS 304 as per cGMP standard.
  • Single Piece Modular design.
  • High Precision and effective drying technology.
  • Inbuilt design with Inlet hot air and exhaust air blower.
  • Turbine blower assembly for air suction
  • Air pressure switch installed to ensure pressure is in limit.
  • All gasket white silicon food grades
  • Manual Damper for Inlet and Outlet Air duct.
  • Inspection glass window for process visualization.
  • Filter bag MOC-Satin
  • Auto shaking for filter bag
  • Temperature Controller with sensor for inlet air.
  • Auto timer for batch processing
Type R&D
Batch Capacity 3 KG
Drying Temperature 35-80ºC
                                MOC ·All Contact Parts SS316 ·All Non-Contact Parts SS304
Main Motor 3 HP, 440V, 50 Hz
Heating Load 9 KW
Inlet Air Filter 20 Microns/5 Microns
LITCO manufactures R&D Machinery and Granulation Line Machinery as per Customer’s required Capacity apart from these Standard Models.