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Mini Bin Blender

Mini Bin Blender

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Mini Bin Blender

Mini Bin Blender manufactured by LITCO is a well-designed blender that fulfills the requirement for pilot or R&D scale production. It is designed to be compact, easily mobile and user friendly. By using a single quick-locking and quick-unlocking screw, the Bin Blender may be quickly and simply linked and detached from the machine’s main drive. A highly effective, trouble-free gearbox with maximum torque is included with the primary motor drive. An electronic speed control allows the speed to be altered endlessly within the operating range of 2 and 45 RPM.

The appropriate RPM is digitally displayed and is controlled by an electronic speed controller. To configure time-based actions, the device also has a digital timer.


Special Features:

  • All contact part made of SS 316 as per GMP standard.
  • Less energy consumption & Short cycle times.
  • The Double Cone shape & slow speed of rotating gives sufficient continuous movement to the granules result in good quality.
  • Hygienic design-smooth interior for easy cleaning.
  • Butterfly Valve provided at the outlet point for easy and safe discharge.
  • Simple design requires minimum maintenance.
  • Easy loading and unloading of material.


Type R&D
Working Volume 1-3 KG
Gross Volume 5 KG

·All Contact Parts SS316

·All Non-Contact Parts SS304

Charging & Discharging Gaskets Silicone Food Grade Type
Max. Output Torque at continuous Operation 52 N-m.
Speed 2-45 RPM
Motor 0.5 HP/ 230V/ 50 Hz / 1 Ph.
Power Supply 230 V/ 50 Hz/ 3 Ph
LITCO manufactures R&D Machinery & Granulation Line Machinery as per Customer’s required Capacity apart from these Standard Models.