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Litco has developed a wide range of tablet press machines, related accessories and support equipments. These includes punch dies, tablet coating machine, sifter machines, Mills, dust extractor machines, and de dusting equipments, various models of the tablet press machines like LT-16D, LT-20D, LT-27D, LT-35B, LT-45BB, LT II-45B, LT IV-45D etc.

These process equipments have been developed to meet the required engineering standards as well as deliver the required efficiency and productivity. 

Tableting Machine is essentially the machine used to make tablets in many sizes and shapes. It can transform it from the powder form to tablet form. These tablet press machines are mainly implemented in the pharmaceutical industry to produce medicine tablets, however, they also have other applications. Tablet compression machine can be useful in making tablets form of other cleaning products and that for the cosmetic industry as well.


  • Lower guard of polished Stainless Steel
  • Effective dust extraction nozzles.
  • Aluminium turret guard.
  • Paint free tablet manufacturing zone
  • CI body and CI middle plate
  • Square GMP model
  • Electronic digital tablet cum RPM counter
  • Imported needle roller bearing provided at the bottom of turret
  • Turret of special grade SG iron casting


To get the specification, please send enquiry for the perticular machine you are looking for.