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We manufacture Multi Column Distillation Plant which is most widely used ingredient in drug manufacturing. Pharmaceutical Water and Steam are the fundamental utilities for the manufacturing process. Complete water and steam systems are built up module by module. Each module is assembled on a skid and delivered fully ready for commissioning & validation. This design saves time and provides flexibility in the production area.It is also designed to produce Water For Injection by evaporating, purifying and condensing feed water.The feed water is sequentially evaporated and condensed in a series of columns, or effects. The design of each column is fundamentally the same .Only the first effect is heated by external energy. Each subsequent effect uses pure steam from the previous effect as heating media and the condensate is collected as WFI. Pure Steam from the final effect enters the shell of a heat exchanger, which uses cooling water to condense the steam to WFI.


  • Compact in design
  • All contact Parts are in SS 316 /SS 316 L
  • Electro polished crevice free inner contact surfaces
  • Continuous monitoring of conductivity of distilled water and feed water
  • Sophisticated Instrumentation and PLC controls
  • Sanitary triclover fittings for quick and easy preventive maintenance
  • GRUNDFOS (DENMARK) make centrifugal pump
  • Pure Steam Generator is a single column unit producing pyrogen free sterile steam used for sterilization mainly in Autoclaves, Pipe lines, Fermenter etc.
  • Optional Double tube Sheet construction for the first column, where boiler steam is present