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Mini auto coater or tablet coating machine is veri precisedly engineered by our engineers.

Standard Specifications Including:

Peristaltic Pump with variable speed for flow controls of spraying material.

Spray Gun mounted on a Header Assembly with connections for Inlet Air, Atomizing air and Liquid Spray Gun’s having auto shut-off feature.

Spraying arm is designed to adjustable to spraying degree / Area.


Design confirms CGMP Model.                      Contact parts all in AISI 316 &non-contact parts in AISI 304.

PLC  with HMI touch Screen (Optional).       Inbuilt Peristaltic pumps.

Inbuilt WIP system for easy cleaning.            Inbuilt Air handling unit.

Inbuilt Exhaust System.                                Anti-Bearding Spray nozzle- Make: Spraying Systems – USA

Differential Pressure indicator for Pan.         ACVF Drive for Pan, Inlet air blower and Exhaust air blower.

Food Grade seals in all doors & covers.        Pan Light is provided for illumination inside the pan.

The unit mounted on PU castors.                 Solution Tank with heating & stirrer arrangement.


Pan Sizes MM (inches)


Pan speed RPM

3 TO 30

Pan drive Gear Motor-FLP

50-220 CFM (85-220 m³/hr)

Drying Air Temperature working ⁰C

45 to 85⁰

Electric Heater Capacity

8 Kw

Inlet Air Blower

1 HP, 0.75 Kw Standard Inbuilt

Exhaust Air System

1 HP, 0.75 Kw Standard Inbuilt

WIP System


No of Spray Nozzle

0.5 HP, 0.37 Kw Standard Inbuilt